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Employee Management Tools In RepairDesk POS

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Employee Management Tools In RepairDesk POS

Employee Management Tools In RepairDesk POS

Running a repair business is not a one-man job. Being a repair store owner, you must realize that your employees are a valuable asset to your business. You need their help to keep the business running. Follow proper employee management techniques with RepairDesk to get the most out of your employees and avoid any troubles.

Actively control what they can and can’t do.

First things first, you need to define your employees’ roles in your business. Who can do and have access to what things and what is out of which employee’s call? With RepairDesk’s detailed employee settings, you can add different employee roles to your store and assign them certain authorities and permissions. For example, a cashier will have access to manual transactions module but a technician won’t.

While setting up an employee’s account, you can mark their employee role. Consequently, the employee will have the permissions and authorities defined as per his role.

Acknowledge the good work and set commissions.

With our repair shop POS software, you can set individual commissions for your employees and that also against separate operations: repair, unlocking, accessory, casual, and trade-in. Reward your employees with commissions to lift their motivation level.

RepairDesk- Employee - Management

Monitor their activities and see who did what and when.

Watch your employees’ in and out timings along with a list of their activities. Our POS software generates automated employee reports to help you take the next step in better employee management. The system keeps a thorough history of each employee’s activities in a smart activity log report. Install our POS software for repair shops in your store and use its digital eyes as your seventh sense.

Weigh their productivity.

As a business owner, your key focus should be on employee productivity. Take a regular examination of who is bringing how much into your account with another system automated report – employee productivity. Recognize every employee’s contribution and treat them likewise.

Combine our POS system reports with your business analysis skills and manage it all.

Ensure inside communication.

You need to establish inner communication between employees so they can provide better services at your repair store. RepairDesk gives the ticket managing employee with the option of adding internal notes to the ticket so that the technician employee can better handle the repair job. An interesting Slack integration has been included in the solid employee communication plan. Your employees can have a chat room to discuss the internal repair business.

RepairDesk - Employee - ManagementEnd Note

Why add another management resource to your already loaded business when you can do all the employee management with Repairdesk? Take the role of store manager head-on with our repair shop software and transform your employees into their best versions. To take a hold of more employee management tools, read our article on How to Better Manage Your Employees with A Computer Repair Store Software.


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