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RepairDesk Inaugurates Engineering Office in Lahore

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RepairDesk Inaugurates Engineering Office in Lahore

RepairDesk Inaugurates Engineering Office in Lahore

In a bid to promote Innovation and IT development in the region, RepairDesk has opened a new Engineering Office in Pakistan. The office is situated at the top floor of the Jeff Heights building located on Main Boulevard Gulberg, Lahore and its interior design takes inspiration from some of the top software companies in Silicon Valley.

RepairDesk’s Software Engineering Office is set to establish a new benchmark in innovation and research in the repair industry. The office will house more than 50 talented individuals who would work with the company to offer quality POS and inventory management features in its all-in-one software to repair stores around the globe.

RepairDesk CEO Usman Butt, while highlighting the reasons for opening a new software engineering office in Lahore said, “Pakistan has immense potential in IT and our country never fails when it comes to producing talented individuals. We have opened a new engineering center in Lahore to help our IT talents in understanding the international standards of software development and offering remote support to customers.”

RepairDesk is a comprehensive POS and inventory management solution for repair stores. The repair shop POS software has over 40 integrations and caters to repair stores around the globe. RepairDesk POS is also available on the iPad and the company provides reliable customer service and software deployment. You can sign up for the free 14-day trial of the software by filling out this software.

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