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Web Release Notes: Take Notes When Offering Discounts!

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Web Release Notes: Take Notes When Offering Discounts!

Web Release Notes: Take Notes When Offering Discounts!

The holiday season is just around the corner, and here at RepairDesk, we’re hard at work to make sure your systems are firing on all cylinders during your peak sales hours. Keeping in line with that spirit, here’s a list of the most recent improvements we’ve made to the platform and the bugs we’ve taken care of in the latest release of our web app:


IMP #879 – Take Notes on Discounts

We have enabled repair shop owners to add notes in discounts now. This option is trigger-based, and the store owner can see the reason for the line item/overall discount offered to customers by store employees.

Your discount notes can be viewed in the Register Sales Report and Sales Wise Item Type report.

Service Receipt Template

You’ll now have the opportunity to select and send a service receipt template of your choice. You can customize the classic template with the details you want to pass on in the email.

Supplier Name with SKU

When selecting any SKU against an inventory item, you’ll now see the vendor/supplier name to assist you in choosing the right product or repair part.

web release notes

IMP #916 – Custom Due Date & Time

Creating ease for you is our primary goal at RepairDesk. Adding to this, we have provided a new field to select the default ‘Task Due Date & Time’ for repairs. Choose a custom date and time for your repair orders and deliver every order on time.

Tax Calculation on Serialized Inventory

With this improvement, the tax will be calculated against every repair part, either as serialized or non-serialized (according to your configured tax settings and triggers).

Upload Custom Image in Appointment Calendar

Employees can now upload a custom photo of the ‘Repair Task Type’ mentioned as a ‘Service’ in the Appointment Calendar widget. Upload any photo matching your service type and enjoy it!

web release notes


We’ve had a round of new bugs that popped up & have been taken care of by our development team. Here’s a list of some significant bug-fixes:

  • We have fixed the crashing issue of the Buyback widget, and you can use it flawlessly on mobile phones or desktops.
  • An issue was reported that the email from the buyback widget is not being sent to the admin from RepairDesk account when creating a lead from the Buyback widget. This issue has been resolved.
  • A customer reported an issue where 2 SMS notifications were received by the customer when changing the ticket status from “In Progress” to “Repaired.” In this latest release, our bug-fix team has removed the issue.
  • Issues in sending emails for custom statuses have been successfully resolved.
  • Server errors against invoice reminders have been resolved.
  • In the case of some ticket statuses, automatic SMS alerts were not working. However, this issue doesn’t exist any longer.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned to get the latest news about your favorite cellphone repair shop software! If you’d like to come on board and give RepairDesk a try for your business, sign up for a free trial with us and see how RepairDesk can take your repair shop business to new heights.

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