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Release Notes v4.3: Get iPad POS Register App with RepairDesk Lite+

RepairDesk Blog > Blog > Release Notes > Release Notes v4.3: Get iPad POS Register App with RepairDesk Lite+
Release Notes v4.3: Get iPad POS Register App with RepairDesk Lite+

Release Notes v4.3: Get iPad POS Register App with RepairDesk Lite+


RD Lite+

We are happy to announce the official support for RepairDesk Lite+ with the latest version of our iPad POS Register app. Following our upgrade to the RepairDesk Lite+ plan earlier this week, RepairDesk Lite users can now use our iPad app freely with a limit of 75 tickets and invoices. Head on over to our official announcement of the RepairDesk Lite+ plan to learn more.

Alphanumeric Keypad for Postcodes

On the request of our customers, we have replaced the standard keyboard when adding postcodes with the alphanumeric keypad. Now you can enter the postcode in both alphabets and numbers depending on your state.

Indication for Mandatory Custom Fields

In our last release, we added the feature to include custom fields to your workflow from the iPad POS Register app. We have made an improvement in this section, and all fields that are set as mandatory from the web will be highlighted with an asterisk on the iPad POS Register app for easier identification when proceeding with a repair ticket.

Printer Support for iOS 13

Following the launch of iOS 13, we have added support for Star TSP, EPSON and Brother Label printers with the RepairDesk iPad POS Register app. Now users who have upgraded their iPads to iOS 13 will be able to have a perfect print of their thermal receipts using the iPad POS Register app.



Stripe payment log issue

A bug popped up which would prevent the payments processed through RepairDesk from being logged to the Stripe dashboard. This issue has been fixed now and you will be able to see an accurate record of payments on your Stripe dashboard for any payments made.

Wrong calculation of commission

A case was identified where commission against upselling an accessory with repairs was not being calculated properly. We’ve squashed this bug and you will not have to face the commission issue anymore.

Post-Repair Conditions were not shown on Customer Facing Display from iPad

An issue was faced by customers where post-repair conditions were not displayed on the Customer Facing Display while taking post-repair signatures from the iPad POS Register app. We have fixed this issue now and the post-repair conditions will be displayed on the Customer Facing Display as normal.

Enjoy using the world’s 1st iPad POS solution for cell phone repair business.

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